Latest Happenings

We’ve joined BNI Sterling in Northampton

What a start to the year, new clients and now a new chapter of BNI. We’re happy to have been accepted into the Sterling chapter based in Northamptonshire.

This will be a year for pushing and growing the business, and BNI offers us a tool for accountability and referrals. As a personal development tool, I am excited to meet and build relationships with fellow business owners.

Often it can be a lonely road when you start a business. The lifestyle is not for everyone, and the following stresses are not often overcome. The support others can provide and their experiences will prove invaluable to me personally.

This is an exciting time, and I am intrigued and curious enough to be open-minded and open to all opportunities which may now present themselves.

Thank you to everyone in the Sterling group who has been nothing but welcoming.

Here’s to the future of MEM Digital.

Richard Bland
Richard Bland