Climate-positive so we plant trees!

As of writing, MEM Digital has funded the planting of over 2,000 trees across the globe, both in the UK and Overseas.

Our monthly donations not only offset our individual footprints but that of our company as well. It is not a lot, but together it goes far.

Our Impact

Working with Ecologi.

We have partnered with Ecologi as our climate action partner to become a climate-positive workforce.

As a digital company, we rely heavily on gizmos and gadgets and online platforms that we know consume energy and burn fossil fuels. Because of this fact, we made a conscious decision right from the founding of our company to ensure that, in some way, we are either offsetting our carbon footprint or directly funding projects that aim to create real sustainability for the future.

Ecologi has allowed us to do that, and together with our clients, we are planting trees and contributing to global initiatives that we feel will have an impact.

Our commitment is that as we grow, we will continue to find new ways to offset and contribute to local, national, and global campaigns for a better and more balanced world.

Planting trees together.

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