22+ years working in the digital world.

MEM Digital was founded by Richard Bland in 2021 after a successful career as a website consultant, freelancer, and then small business owner, working within the digital industry for the past 22+ years. Our agency is growing quickly serving businesses from our Northamptonshire-based office, working with fellow business owners across the UK.

Combined Approach

Two teams one mission.

We have two core teams providing two services called ‘Digital Presence Management’ and ‘Digital Talent Acquisition’.

Our digital presence team has disciplines in website, e-commerce, design and development, graphic design for web, print, and branding, and online presence management, including general website management and content creation such as photography, videography, and music production.

Our digital presence team helps businesses manage their online presence through ticketed support services and project-based design and development.

The digital talent acquisition team provides support and guidance for longer-term recruitment campaigns focusing on developing the clients’ company ethos and career pages whilst managing their recruitment goals by sourcing, engaging, and vetting talented individuals from the digital world.

Our talent team utilises the skills of our presence team to produce supporting content for recruitment campaigns, enhancing the overall offering of our business.

We are a genuinely creative bunch of people with passion and expertise!

Our Mission

To help you establish and manage a better online presence.

The world is changing fast and digital technologies and new systems are transforming the way businesses operate and customers consume, with much of this taking place online and migrating into the cloud.

We want to help businesses become better equipped online and take away some of the hassles and stresses of managing an online presence that looks great, functions as a marketing tool, and engages and attracts the right people to help them grow.

Service & Respect

Provide the very best service possible to yourself and others.

Treat everyone how you would expect to be treated.

Respect yourself and those you come into contact with.


Communicate clearly and effectively; just be you.

Explore and discuss all ideas and be ambitious.

Be open, honest, and transparent with everyone.


Offer up encouragement to yourself and others.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and inspire others to do the same.

Take the time to empower yourself through learning.

Curiosity & Impact

Never stop learning or being curious about life, skills, career, and family.

Create an impact every day, no matter how small it may seem.

Be conscious of the impact we have on the world.

Our Team

Behind the work.

Richard Bland, Owner & Lead Developer
Richard Bland
Owner, Lead Developer

Clients & Impact

We work with clients like you to plant seeds.

We have had the pleasure of working with various clients from across the world, from large agencies to small and medium-sized business owners and sole traders. Our typical clients are often referred to as owner-run businesses that are in the throws of their own growth and need that extra helping hand. Together with our knowledge and expertise, we explore the world of digital whilst staying conscious of the impact technology plays in the shaping of the new world. Together we plant seeds for the future. 

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